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ObamaCare: the Repercussions, the Implications, and my Personal Anguish

June 28, 2012

I love days like today. You open your eyes, check the front page of Yahoo News, and your heart sinks. It shouldn’t, really. Not that I expect anything even remotely positive coming out of the American political discourse. But nevertheless, my hopes for America crumbled to a new low. Thanks to fellow overlord Justice Roberts, ObamaCare will keep heading down the rails. And into everyone’s throats.

So what does this mean? We’ll be living in a society where inaction will merit a punishment for ordinary, peaceful individuals. Where the supposed “failure” to buy health insurance will result in money being stolen from you. Where by sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing, you could get “taxed”. And if you don’t concede to such a travesty, you’ll get to be locked up in a cage. Does this situation sound a little wrong to you?

We are once again reminded of the wicked nature of government. Somehow, a minuscule group of people has the right to impose its will on the entire population. And it’s not even catering to the majority of the people – far from it. In fact, recent polls showed ObamaCare was opposed by approximately 55% of the US population. No longer is America subjected to the vices of democracy. This recent ruling resembles something more of an oligarchy. The majority of hundreds of millions of people expressed discontent with the law, and nine people were given the task of ruling over them. Why has this system of government been so embraced? Why has any system of government been embraced?

At this point, the real question is what impact, if any, this Supreme Court ruling could have on the 2012 presidential election. Of course, this election is just a miserable reflection of the republican-democrat paradigm the American people have subscribed to. And my opinion is that no matter who prevails in the end, nothing will change. Wars will continue. The welfare state will continue. And the authorities will continue to defile any last rights we have. And chances are, the American people will continue staring off into space, eating chips, and discussing the latest NFL game.

But to those of you that are still rooting for Romney, this latest development should only help him. As we saw today, the stock market dropped quite steeply already. The health care law will continue to take it’s toll on the economy. And Romney will portray himself as the timely savior for America, willing and ready to strike down the law immediately. Remember though: RomneyCare and ObamaCare are nothing alike.

It’s a sad state of affairs in this country. If there’s anything I could say to lift spirits, I’d say the immediate fight was over before it even began. But in the long run, the libertarian ideology of non-aggression will prevail. So keep up the fight!


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