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So, What’s Wrong with Statism?

June 30, 2012

As I mentioned, I wasn’t always an anarchist. In fact, until four years ago I was just an ordinary, middle-of-the-road republican, regurgitating right wing rhetoric and calling all those in opposition “socialists”. Not that I was wrong about that. The vast majority of those on the left wing are indeed socialists, in every sense of the word. But most astonishing is that I failed to recognize my own hypocrisy in the process. Sure I believed in small government, but I wanted armed men in flak jackets killing people on the other side of the planet on behalf of the government. And sure I praised the Bush administration for lowering taxes, but for some reason the continued manipulation of the money supply was of little concern to me. The left-right paradigm had gotten the best of me.

I remember arguing over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a close friend of mine. With scarcely any beliefs of my own, I once again resorted to the mindless propaganda of the republican party. Why was the government authorized in invading Afghanistan? According to my statements at the time, it’s because America was the stronger country. That’s right. Not because there was any moral justification. But because as a member of a country known for it’s militaristic might, bullying people was alright. To me, any man from the Middle East was just a worthless towel head who was in desperate need of guidance from the all-knowing, benevolent forces of the federal government.

You could say I got lucky. I can’t imagine being like the rest of those hopelessly misguided sheep, drooling over Obama’s “hope and change” and Mitt Romney’s “experience in the private sector”. But I stumbled across “The Obama Deception” on Youtube, which opened my eyes to the glaring truth. And that led me down a journey of incredible psychological revitalization and philosophical awakening. Four years later, here I am.

The real question is, what is it that I was incapable of understanding before? If I had to put it in one word: morality. See, politics is all about sugar-coating depravity and turning virtue on it’s head. The forceful extraction of money suddenly becomes “taxation”. The collective effort to kill, destroy, and leave people in destitution simply becomes “war”. The criminality surrounding counterfeiting money by the Federal Reserve is nothing more than “monetary policy”. These ridiculous euphemisms detract from the importance of morality. They force people to become accustomed to what is immoral by giving it a fancy name and using it in perpetuity like it’s no big deal. And when you get people to accept the blatant disregard for property rights, you’ve convinced them of statism.

But that’s precisely what’s wrong with statism. There’s no consideration for my right to be left alone, in peace, without paying a nickel in taxes and conforming to the wants and desires of the State. Some people would say that I’m obligated to do so as part of some social contract. What social contract is that? Can I please see my signature? The truth is, I signed absolutely nothing at birth. I don’t want to be part of a system that coerces me into partaking in it. And I surely don’t want to be part of a system that has institutionalized assassination, indefinite detention, and torture. All of this with my tax dollars, that were taken away against my will in the first place. Talk about oppression. This is what makes statism a moral sin. And this is why those of us who understand it’s wicked nature have chosen to take a stand in opposition.


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  1. aalt2012 permalink

    I’m amazed at how effective pro-state brainwashing is. People can support the most ridiculous causes and not find anything wrong with it. I used to be like that too.

    • You’re right. It’s been one failed promise after another, and yet the public has yet to open its eyes to the destructive nature of the State.

  2. I took the same journey you did. In the 2008 election I campaigned for McCain. Now I don’t get why I didn’t see what was going on before. I thought I was a moral person.

    But why didn’t I see that…

    Our country is exterminating people. Whether they are killed by drone or missiles or led into a gas chamber, executing human beings that we are NOT at war with, and that have done us no harm, is murder.

    We are also GIVING AWAY the freedoms (Patriot Act, NDAA, Executive Orders to control water and communication) that past generations and our children in the military “supposedly” sacrificed their lives to save. Then we are give those liberties away without a “peep”.

    • Exactly. I think the problem is that it’s easier to see whether or not something is moral or immoral on an interpersonal level – almost everybody knows its wrong to steal things from others. And yet when you sugar-coat taxation on a massive, societal level and portray it as a necessity for the common good, it’s harder to distinguish between right and wrong when you’re so removed from the actual process. The task at hand is to convince people of the immorality of theft on all levels. Thanks for commenting!

  3. 6 years ago I was a dem. and a Marine fighting and supporting the wars. Today I understand why war is problematic, why stealing and killing is wrong to the core. I’ve noticed that many Libertarians and Anarchist came from the mouth of the fire that is statism because of a realistic and rational recognition of their own slavery and acts of against human compassion.

    • Do you know of Adam Kokesh? His story mirrors yours; after serving in Iraq and witnessing the awful brutality and bloodshed overseas, he was awoken to the immorality behind statism. Thank goodness the people in the forefront of state depravity are opening their eyes, little by little.

      • I do know of him and he lives close to me. Nice huh? I believe that he is a little too busy and already has a crowd he is in though.

        I would to hang with him, and let him know that, but at the moment no response.

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