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Libertarianism and Religion

July 2, 2012

People often think libertarianism and atheism go hand in hand. Although there might be some correlation, it’s definitely not entirely true. Being an agnostic myself, I’m always intrigued by religious/non-religious dialogue. The type of which is demonstrated here is unbelievably fascinating. Enjoy!


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  1. Like I’ve told all of my subscribers on youtube and the facebook groups that I am in, The Quran supports the system of individualism and the worship on God Alone, and when you to your paid protector as your sovereign, you are already committing a heinous act. Anyone who beliefs in humanistic values and believes in God in totality and Truthfully cannot deny that the use of violence to coerce is non-virtuous and hurts society, and in this will be lead down the rabbit hole of fighting Tyranny.

    Now you may be thinking “really a Muslim Anarchist”, and I say yes. I am a anti-religion, anti-gov, anti-slave master kinda guy that acknowledges the institution of any regime of theft, and doctrine, and dogma, and fabrication. With that said, I am a Muslim – one that submits his will to God the powerful in recognition that I did not create myself.

    Thank you for the post.

    • I completely agree. It’s so sad to see crowds of religious people flocking to government for whatever it may be – banning gay marriage, expanding the war on terror, perpetuating the welfare state, etc. What ever happened to taking a stand against theft? And yet theft is the method through with government is able to operate.

      At the time being, I’m grappling with the idea of God altogether. But if I do come to fully believing, my worship will be to God alone, not the State.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • People forget that it is hypocritical to tell someone that they aren’t allow to do with their person as the please, while also at the same time believing as they please. The moral high ground is not in who is better, but in acknowledging that each person is solely responsible for their own actions.

        Islam is to nature, what anarchy is to the human condition. Belief and Philosophy should go hand in hand.

        NO Compulsion: God says: “Let there be no compulsion in This Way. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things.” [2:256]

        Fight against Aggressor: 2:190 And fight in the way of God against those who fight against you but be not aggressive. Surely God loves not the aggressors. (Aggressors are those that take forcefully)

        Responsibility: So to that invite, and remain on a right course as you are commanded and do not follow their inclinations but say, “I have believed in what God has revealed of the Qur’an, and I have been commanded to do justice among you. God is our Lord and your Lord. For us are our deeds, and for you your deeds. There is no [need for] argument between us and you. God will bring us together, and to Him is the [final] destination.”

        Responsibility 2: But your people have denied it though it is the truth. Say: “I am not responsible for your affairs.”

        You my friend are writing truth and fighting a just cause. Keep on striving.

        This is a great blog. Peace.

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