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Get Ready – the Gun Control Fanatics are Crawling out of their Caves

July 20, 2012

I’m sure everyone heard the news this morning. Some megalomaniac by the name of James Holmes burst into a Colorado movie theater armed with a smoke bomb, shotgun, assault rifle, and two pistols, shooting upwards of fifty people and leaving twelve people dead. It’s an enormous tragedy. And you’d hope that the left wingers would hold off a little before launching into the usual left wing hogwash. But no, they’ve immediately decided to polarize the issue. And I guess I have no choice but to engage.

My favorite Mayer, Michael Bloomberg, stated,”I can tell you I don’t think there’s any other developed country in the world that has remotely the problem we have. We have more guns than people in this country.”

Piers Morgan remarked, “America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time. More Americans will buy guns after this, to defend themselves, and so the dangerous spiral descends.”

Now, we all know the morality argument. It’s wrong for a group of people called government to tell peaceful individuals what they can and can’t buy with money they stole in the first place. What’s perplexing is that if I took out the words “called government” from the above statement everybody would agree. And yet when we give that group of people a name, people suddenly raise objections. “Government”, for the vast majority of Americans, is a magical term. If I print money, it’s “counterfeiting”. When the federal reserve does it, it’s “monetary policy”. It makes no sense. So technically, if people put their presuppositions about government aside, the moral argument would suffice. But since I know people have preconceived notions of the morality behind government, let’s look at the data.

Straight from (note that all data from this site is cited and verified):

– “During the years in which the D.C. handgun ban and trigger lock law was in effect, the Washington, D.C. murder rate averaged 73% higher than it was at the outset of the law, while the U.S. murder rate averaged 11% lower.”

– “The British homicide rate has averaged 52% higher since the outset of the 1968 gun control law and 15% higher since the outset of the 1997 handgun ban.”

– “Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the Chicago murder rate has averaged 17% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 25% lower.”

– “Since the outset of the Florida right-to-carry law, the Florida murder rate has averaged 36% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 15% lower.”

– “Since the outset of the Texas right-to-carry law, the Texas murder rate has averaged 30% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 28% lower.”

– “Since the outset of the Michigan right-to-carry law, the Michigan murder rate has averaged 4% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 2% lower.”

I’m not saying such findings are necessarily universal. But if you do look at the data, most cases show that leaner gun laws are followed by lower crime rates, and more stringent gun laws are accompanied by higher crime rates. So why should I leap at the opportunity to relinquish my gun rights, defile the second amendment, and stand powerless at the hands of the State? Why do the loonies on the left so eagerly continue to tout nonsense in light of so much evidence to the contrary? It’s madness. And at a time of great tragedy and peril, it’s nothing short of deplorable.


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  1. Sad, true, sickening. Re-Blogged. Grey Enigma.

  2. Fantastic website. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks for your effort!

    • Thanks, it means a lot to me. Unfortunately school has made it almost impossible to keep up the website, but I appreciate the kind words and maybe I’ll start posting again with more time on my hands.

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