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Assault Rifle? I Don’t Think So

July 21, 2012

All the news networks are reporting James Holmes had an assault rifle. Only there’s a catch.

He didn’t.

Holmes had what is commonly referred to as the AR-15. Wikipedia’s take on the situation:

“Rifles that meet most of these criteria, but not all, are technically not assault rifles despite frequently being considered as such. For example, semi-automatic-only rifles like the AR-15 (which the M16 rifle is based on) that share designs with assault rifles are not assault rifles, as they are not capable of switching to automatic fire and thus are not selective fire capable.”

From what I can see, this was a deliberate attempt to rile up the anti-gun fervor. Many will be left to wonder why a madman was legally able to acquire an assault rifle. And that will only cause people to question the legitimacy of guns themselves. As if we don’t have enough brain dead, left wing loonies already.

Good thing honest, independent media is taking society by a storm. With truth at the fingertips of virtually every American, lies like these will not go undetected.


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