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Why Obama Will Prevail in 2012

July 25, 2012

Actually, I made this prediction about 6 months ago. Let’s look at what brought me to arrive at such a somber conclusion:

1. Obama inspires passion; Romney doesn’t. Remember the days when Obama could pack a stadium with fervent, highly motivated zombies, blindly chanting his name? Romney can’t do that. He’s not as passionate when reading from a teleprompter.

2. Obama didn’t have to waste money on a primary. More money equals more outreach. And as we know, more outreach means more voting, brain dead loonies touting Obama rhetoric.

3. Obama has more connections. As it turns out, spending four years with some of the most powerful people on Earth gets you some very benevolent friends. Friends that are willing to “tweak” the system for the desired result.

4. Obama has an edge when it comes to the swing states. Although public opinion can change, I think it’s an accurate reflection of what’s to come. With Obama blanketing the airwaves, Romney’s going to be stuck in the water.

5. Obama’s black. Don’t forget the race card – it’s sure to come in handy.

6. The federal reserve will do it’s part in creating the illusion of economic prosperity. Whatever it is, they’ll make people think things are getting better. It’s happened in the past, so there’s no reason to think it won’t happen again.

7. .I’ve learned to be pessimistic when it comes to politics. Obamacare, Libya, NDAA – you name it. As the years go by, I have yet to notice anything that would alter the ominous trend of American civilization, whether it be on the legislative or political front.

So there you have it. Although many of you won’t want to hear it, this election is Obama’s to lose.

There is some good news however. At the very least, when the economic system comes crumbling down and we find ourselves in shambles, it’ll be (for the most part) a condemnation of Obama. Not somebody who supposedly believes in the private sector. With people sick and tired of government “solutions”, the stage will be set for a libertarian-friendly political arena. And under such favorable conditions, the free market gospel will be easier to preach.


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  1. Mike Tyson permalink

    “Although many of you won’t want to hear it, this election is Obama’s to lose.”
    …I thought you were predicting Obama will prevail…

    • Absolutely – that’s just a figure of speech. It means unless Obama goes out of his way to lose, his victory is a sure bet.

  2. While I’m no fan of Obama these days, I’m hardly a fan of Romney either. His stances on every social issue from marriage to civil rights, with the exception of guns, is firmly statist, and he has no problem with corporate welfare and other forms of economic intervention either. Whether it’s from the right or the left, government intervention is the only thing that will win in this election cycle and for the foreseeable future.

    • I agree – both parties, in actuality, are firmly statist. However, the rhetoric from the right tends to be quite different when it comes to the economy. The republicans portray themselves as staunch believers of capitalism, as opposed to Obama and those on the left. So I think when the debt crisis hits, and interest rates rise, it’ll be strategically advantageous to have it blamed on someone who’s associated with government intervention. That way, free market ideas will (hopefully) become more appealing in the discourse that will ensue. That’s the upside I see to Obama’s reelection.

      • I see your point, and I don’t entirely disagree with you. However, I do think there is a danger inherent in it as well. What I have been seeing in the last few decades is a stronger and stronger inclination among Republicans to talk about free market solutions while engaging in state interventions in the economy. There is something to be said about being wary of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Additionally, there has been a tendency, particularly since the 1980s, for libertarians to abandon their principles regarding civil liberties in order to focus exclusively on economic issues. This not only serves to embolden the right in their trampling of civil liberties, as they take our support for granted, but it serves to alienate people who might otherwise be open to education and influence if they were aware that the government has a worse record on human rights than any private group in history.

      • I think you have a completely valid point. The road ahead looks bleak though, and it’s important to recognize that in any scenario, the future will be worse before it becomes better. In my opinion, an economic collapse is inevitable no matter who takes office. At least if it happens on Obama’s watch, the blame will fall on big government.

        You’re right – it’ll be important to distinguish the libertarians from the republicans. It’ll be up to us to convince people who really stands for the free market, and what it means to believe in freedom. However, as daunting a task that may be, I’d rather have people looking for less government than more. I fear if Romney takes office and the collapse happens under his reign, people may see it as an indictment of the free market. That’s the only reason I’d rather have Obama over Romney.

      • A fair point. Distressing that we live in such a world, but valid nonetheless.

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