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Surprise! Obama Proposes Stricter Gun Control

July 26, 2012

Yes, that’s what Yahoo news is reporting. Quick breakdown:

Obama’s calling to reimpose the assault weapons ban. Never mind that the AR-15 used by James Holmes wasn’t even an assault rifle, as I covered in a previous post.

The funny thing is that we’ve tried the assault weapons ban before. After it expired in 2004, the murder rate dropped by 3.6%, which was accompanied by a drop in violent crimes (source). Maybe people aren’t the ruthless, barbaric savages the left makes them out to be. Maybe if you give people the ability to protect themselves, they’ll do a better job of warding off criminals than the police. And maybe, a country founded on the principles of individual liberty shouldn’t resign to the encroaching nanny state, just yet.

Good comments on the article today; I’m pleased:

– “Well Mr. President, the battlefield could be anywhere at any given time. This is why we should have these weapons available if and when the battlefield ends up being in our own soil. So your point, as usual, is pointless.”

– “Obama would rather arm the Mexican drug cartels than American citizens..”

– “Six million Jews learned what happens when you give your government gun control!!”

– “Prez, Got it. Assault rifles, blah, blah, ONLY on battlefields, ONLY in the hands of soldiers. Assuming then, by executive order, our boyz at Homeland Security, SWAT, TSA will immediately be switching to saner, more appropriate weapons.”

– “The government never misses an opportunity to exert more control over us.”

– “Hey, Obama… you do know the difference between an AK-47 and an AR-15, don’t you? Guess not.”

Long live the brilliant commenters on Yahoo News.


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