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When Seconds Count, the Paramedics are Only 30 Minutes Away

July 27, 2012

Can you believe this? Yahoo News reports:

“On the police radio transmissions, officers said they lacked sufficient medical support for about 30 minutes after the 911 calls came flooding in around 12:39 a.m. and that medical teams didn’t report getting inside the theater for about 24 minutes.”

I sure hope this opens people’s minds to the reality of government. No it’s not magic. Nor is it immune from the standards of morality or the laws of economics. Like all coercive monopolies, it’s inefficient, incompetent, immoral, and wrong.

I’m always blown away when I think of the unplanned, uncontrolled nature of the free market. You have thousands of entrepreneurs organizing and coordinating all sorts of labor, raw materials, and machinery for the benefit of society, without an inkling of coercion. And it’s completely spontaneous. Apparently, when you leave people alone, they work and cooperate and transact with one another. The fear of competition keeps everybody on their feet, growing and innovating to the likes we have yet to see.

Government is the absolute antithesis of the above description. It relies on coercion as opposed to cooperation. It thrives on monopolization, rather than competition. It operates by shoving things down people’s throats as opposed to reciprocation. Is it any surprise government isn’t competent enough to devise a safer road network, or a simpler tax code, or an expeditious court system? No, these things are just the consequences of the laws of the human nature. If you give people power, they will abuse it. If you take away incentives to work hard, people will slack off. If people aren’t responsible for their mistakes to the extent they should be, they’ll make more of them. It’s common sense.

Once again, government has defied the worst of my expectations. My hopes and wishes go out to the victims who suffered as a result of such government ineptitude. 10 minutes would’ve been too long. 30 minutes, for those unfortunate enough to be helped last, is abominable.

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